Join us in Prayer this Sunday 3/22 from 9-10a

Hello Church Family, this is Pastor Phil, God’s Word in I Peter 2:13-17 mandates the Christian believer in how we are to consider those who God has placed in authority over us. I want to read a portion of it to you tonight.  Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether itContinue reading “Join us in Prayer this Sunday 3/22 from 9-10a”

Anxiety Control w/ Jesus

Hello Church Family, this is Pastor Phil. Pastor Paul writes in Philippians 4:6, do not be anxious about anything. In the normal day to day of life that seems like a hard pill to swallow, let alone when a crisis has gripped our country and world.  Anxiety can feel like an all-encompassing force that weContinue reading “Anxiety Control w/ Jesus”

Sermon for March 15, 2020 for Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Hello Church Family, this is Pastor Phil. Please know that you are in my prayers and I’m looking forward to speaking to each of you this week. Early this week we received news from the memory care unit where my grandfather is being cared for that his facility is closed to visitors, family, and allContinue reading “Sermon for March 15, 2020 for Gethsemane Lutheran Church”

Where Is Your Security in 2019?

Already for many of my church families this new year has brought and will continue to bring significant changes, losses, and even a very important celebration. It’s a changing time and this year will no doubt bring many more changes to come. This Sunday is Epiphany, when we remember and celebrate the Wise Men fromContinue reading “Where Is Your Security in 2019?”

The Holidays are Coming!!!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!              The story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride is sketched into our historical consciousness as Americans. On the night of April 18th, 1975, a battalion of over 900 British Red Coat soldiers were marching on the little colony of Concord to apprehend our country’s forefathers,Continue reading “The Holidays are Coming!!!”

Don’t Give Up On You!

This devotion is reaching out to all of you who have had your hearts broken and told you weren’t worth anything. Someone took your dreams and broke your heart and you feel the weight of the world pulling you down. Might have been years ago or the tears are still falling. I won’t tell youContinue reading “Don’t Give Up On You!”