What have you done for God lately?

What have you done for me lately? Not the most pleasant of phrases is it and there never is a really good answer to it either. It starts off being accusatory and when you think of an answer it’s never good enough. There have been times that we have been tempted to say this phraseContinue reading “What have you done for God lately?”

Are you afraid to give it all to God?

Have you ever looked at some of the Biblical stories and been completely surprised to find that some of those stories are in there? The Bible is filled with stories of people caught in adultery, murder, deceit, lying, cheating, stealing and any number activities that are unsavory and downright wrong. Thinking back to these storiesContinue reading “Are you afraid to give it all to God?”

When You Just Need Some Love

No one likes going to the hospital. I know I don’t. No one really likes going to the hospital. You go to the hospital when you’re sick. When something is wrong with you, you go to see the doctor. When you need some surgery you go to where the surgeon is. At the hospital oneContinue reading “When You Just Need Some Love”

Reasons Why Following Your Heart Is All Wrong

If it makes you happy, why are you so sad. The opening chorus for an old Sheryl Crow song played on the radio the other day when I was driving home from the office. In her song she talks about all sorts of things that people do because they say, it makes them happy. ButContinue reading “Reasons Why Following Your Heart Is All Wrong”

You are a sinner and that is really good news!

No one wants to learn how much of a sinner they really are? Should we, in Christian worship services teach this? That we are sinners. Take the common words of confession in a liturgical worship service. I, a poor, miserable sinner, confess to you all my sins and iniquities with which I have ever offendedContinue reading “You are a sinner and that is really good news!”

Do you always have choices in this life?

You always have a choice! I often hear this little phrase yelled at a character in a movie when they say something like “I didn’t have a choice,” after they did something particularly bad. You always have a choice. That is currently the motto that is yelled often, in politics, you have a choice toContinue reading “Do you always have choices in this life?”


At my daughter’s 1st grade Father/Daughter dance 2 years ago and they brought out the limbo bar. This entertainment usually comes out at parties like this, with people chanting “how low can you go,” everyone forms up into a line and takes turns walking under the limbo stick with their backs bent backwards, every timeContinue reading “HOW TO TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN”

Don’t Go To Church, This Is Why

“We’ve got to get ready to go to church this morning,” I urge my kids when it’s still dark outside on a Sunday morning and they move with much groaning and protesting. Or someone will share with me, I’m sorry we missed church on Sunday or we won’t be in church next week because we’reContinue reading “Don’t Go To Church, This Is Why”

How to be Content But Not Complacent

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I thought of that little phrase hanging out with one of my older rescue dogs, Cassie. I was trying to teach her to play dead. What I got was tongue hanging, shake paw, roll over and pretty anything but “play dead” so Cassie could impress me enoughContinue reading “How to be Content But Not Complacent”