Startling reasons people race out in the freezing cold for…

A man clad only in boxer shorts stopped a thief from stealing his car in southern Norway – by clinging on to the roof in a hair-raising ride at -17C. Police say the owner was left “pretty bloody” after the car crashed into a safety barrier on a bridge. A suspect has been taken into policeContinue reading “Startling reasons people race out in the freezing cold for…”

Is the heart of Christianity about going to heaven?

It was the day I died. That opening line in movies and books has become kind of cliched but even now it still does a great job of pulling you in and wondering what happened, how and why they died and most importantly what they spent those last few days doing. How did they liveContinue reading “Is the heart of Christianity about going to heaven?”

House of Grace (or where you live in your faith life actually matters)

Being a landlord is an adventure I never wanted to experience but one that was thrown upon me by necessity. We bought our house in New Jersey before the financial bubble burst with every intent of staying there for a very long time but both God and life, as happens, had other plans. But thenContinue reading “House of Grace (or where you live in your faith life actually matters)”

Uncharted Territory

Having all of the little babies born in my church family these past few months, which has been so cool, in particular I was thinking of little Dennis who was brought to the waters of Holy Baptism by his loving Christian family, I’ve reflected a lot on my little ones who aren’t so little anyContinue reading “Uncharted Territory”

Sabbath Habit- New Year’s Meditation

I’ve already messed up my New Year’s resolution. I had a goal last year (and this upcoming one) to work through my reading pile. For you guys that know me, I’m a reader, always have been. I’ve got this stack of books and articles I’ve been meaning to read through sitting on my shelf sinceContinue reading “Sabbath Habit- New Year’s Meditation”

“Here is the Church…Here is the Steeple…”

Do you remember the old Sunday School nursery rhyme? Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and there are all the people! Did anyone else learn that? I like it, I really do. But I find there are some points about it that misses the whole point about who and whatContinue reading ““Here is the Church…Here is the Steeple…””

“Play the Bigger Game”

Play the bigger game. I heard this story once about an older brother teaching his younger brother about playing baseball. ( check out the Young Adult Christian book, Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan) You work hard and train hard. You go out there and play the game with everything you’ve got. Sometimes it’s enough andContinue reading ““Play the Bigger Game””