Would Jesus Choose That?

Sometimes church families get so busy doing churchy kind of stuff that we often forgot what this is all about. That is Jesus. Jesus is the reason for a church family to be together, for us to meet and spend time together, for us to listen to His words, meditate on them and receive hisContinue reading “Would Jesus Choose That?”

Do you always have choices in this life?

You always have a choice! I often hear this little phrase yelled at a character in a movie when they say something like “I didn’t have a choice,” after they did something particularly bad. You always have a choice. That is currently the motto that is yelled often, in politics, you have a choice toContinue reading “Do you always have choices in this life?”

What is your wealth?

I remember not long before I started my classes at the Seminary and went into this career, before Shi and I had our little munchkins, asking myself a very honest question. “Was this really what I wanted to do?” At the time I was concerned about the finances, we were broke college students looking aheadContinue reading “What is your wealth?”