Everyone Needs To K.I.S.S. More!

I always like to try and keep the KISS principle working in my life. The one that says Keep It Simple. I find, especially when I get busier, the more simple I have to keep everything else in my life, down to the basics. Any church family can benefit from Keeping it Simple as well.Continue reading “Everyone Needs To K.I.S.S. More!”

Blessed to be a Blessing

We are in that time in our church year calendar, right after Easter, when the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is just starting to hit the disciples and it’s implications are sinking in. Soon, they will be brought before councils and judges for the sake of the Risen Jesus, they will have toContinue reading “Blessed to be a Blessing”

The Third Death- Good Works

This is the first part in our Lenten Series: The Third Death-Outward Marks of the Inward Life in Christ.  Good Works In our study of the outward marks of the inward Christian life, we identified 5 marks that have been known throughout church history, Prayer, Study, Worship, Duty, Mercy. Another way of wording these marksContinue reading “The Third Death- Good Works”

4 Words You Don’t Hear About Much

Honor. Duty. Responsibility. Hard Work. These are some of the words that I have not heard about recently. Not in movies, or tv, or in the news or on the streets. My. Me. Want. Now. These are some of the words that I hear constantly in the movies, tv, news and on the streets. WeContinue reading “4 Words You Don’t Hear About Much”

One Powerful Way To Speak Wisely

How can we speak wisely? Lots of people claim to have all of the answers and so many claim that their views alone are right and will beat down others in the process. But ask the smart and wise of this world what is the meaning of life, what happens when we die or ifContinue reading “One Powerful Way To Speak Wisely”

Maybe We Shouldn’t Change

Happy and Blessed New Year! This is the time when we talk about and think about our new year’s resolutions and about all of the  things that we would like to change about ourselves in the new year. Many new year’s resolutions are typical, some are just plain silly and a lot are really good,Continue reading “Maybe We Shouldn’t Change”

You are hurt and so am I

I realized early on in planning this meditation that this was not going to be a happy, cheery, welcome to the New Year, kind of letter, and I think that’s okay. For many of you, in private and more public ways, I have shared the history of hurt, abuse and trauma I have experienced inContinue reading “You are hurt and so am I”

Christmas Meditations to Read after Christmas Day

I’m sharing with you my meditations from Christmas Eve and Day the day after Christmas because if you’re like me you won’t remember a word the preacher said and just want a long winter nap. So, for both of us, a chance to reflect on what yesterday meant for us.  Christmas Eve Mediation- The EndContinue reading “Christmas Meditations to Read after Christmas Day”

Do You See What I See?

What did you go out to see?  When you went to the store to do some Christmas shopping did you find Christmas there amidst all of the boxes and toys and wrapping and tinsel and lights and trees? I went to Ollie’s (local overstock place) 2 Sundays ago to see what was there and someContinue reading “Do You See What I See?”

Light a Candle

Have you brought out your advent wreath yet this year? The kids in our church family this past Sunday all made these great little advent wreaths with battery operated candles inside of them. This coming Sunday our worship on Sunday will focus on the different candles in the advent wreath with special music. But ifContinue reading “Light a Candle”