5 Reasons Not To Have A DEAD Christmas Tree This Year

I finally took my wife out on a date! It has been way too long, between work and school and kids and everything else we needed a date badly. So we went to the historic square, had some coffee and played games at this great little coffee place, Cool Beans. Then we grabbed some burgersContinue reading “5 Reasons Not To Have A DEAD Christmas Tree This Year”

What Are You Celebrating December 25th?

Brawls and fatal shootings mark Black Friday across the US. Black Friday, by far is my least favorite day of the whole year. Every year, it’s become like a tradition for me, on the day after Black Friday, I’ll google what craziness happened that day. This year, my search results came up with brawls, fistContinue reading “What Are You Celebrating December 25th?”

Strange and Surprising! You are Wrapped in Christmas Lights!

  Look at that, my friend laughed! What? Over there! Looking through my windshield into the dark night a man was walking down the street completely wrapped in brightly glowing Christmas lights! He was a miasma of red, blue and green all blinking in syncopation, round and round the lights chasing each other around theContinue reading “Strange and Surprising! You are Wrapped in Christmas Lights!”


What is God’s will for my life? Christian’s have a lot of phrases that they use to explain that one. Like God has a plan for you, of God has meant you for something special, listen to your heart, and try to listen to God, see which doors God opens for you or just haveContinue reading “SURPRISING WAY TO KNOW GOD’S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE”

What season of life are you living in?

One of the great joys that I get to experience in pastoral ministry is walking alongside so many people that come from every season of life. I have the opportunity to share in the fun of our babies and little kids, I get to spend time with our teens and young adults, help plan forContinue reading “What season of life are you living in?”

Which Way Are You Going?

I’ve been told I should celebrate this new sexual revelation that is happening in our country. How freedom in sexual expression transcends gender and gender doesn’t exist but is fluid and expressing yourself with whomever or whatever is one of the best things ever to happen to human culture. Isn’t it great I’m told. WeContinue reading “Which Way Are You Going?”

Right Here and Now for Tomorrow We Die

I am thankful for the Church. I have been an under-shepherd of Jesus Christ and His Church since June 2008 and have been privileged to serve 2 church families during that time. Before then, I’ve worked within youth ministry, cross-cultural ministry, urban and inner-city ministry, rural ministry, I’ve been a part of big, big, bigContinue reading “Right Here and Now for Tomorrow We Die”

Wear Red

Learn to see yourself how God sees you. Those words of encouragement came from a friend of mine this morning. See yourself how God sees you.  I think it could be said, that the Reformation of the Christian Church was started with just those same words.  This Sunday we celebrate Martin Luther posting the 95Continue reading “Wear Red”

What have you done for God lately?

What have you done for me lately? Not the most pleasant of phrases is it and there never is a really good answer to it either. It starts off being accusatory and when you think of an answer it’s never good enough. There have been times that we have been tempted to say this phraseContinue reading “What have you done for God lately?”