Surprise, God is not a dictator!

Every dictator that has lived has desired to be feared and worshipped as if God; surprising God does not do that. I find it amazing that the God who made all things, including you and me, does not simply force us to worship Him, but has given us freedom to live this life apart fromContinue reading “Surprise, God is not a dictator!”


At my daughter’s 1st grade Father/Daughter dance 2 years ago and they brought out the limbo bar. This entertainment usually comes out at parties like this, with people chanting “how low can you go,” everyone forms up into a line and takes turns walking under the limbo stick with their backs bent backwards, every timeContinue reading “HOW TO TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN”

Don’t Go To Church, This Is Why

“We’ve got to get ready to go to church this morning,” I urge my kids when it’s still dark outside on a Sunday morning and they move with much groaning and protesting. Or someone will share with me, I’m sorry we missed church on Sunday or we won’t be in church next week because we’reContinue reading “Don’t Go To Church, This Is Why”

How to be Content But Not Complacent

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I thought of that little phrase hanging out with one of my older rescue dogs, Cassie. I was trying to teach her to play dead. What I got was tongue hanging, shake paw, roll over and pretty anything but “play dead” so Cassie could impress me enoughContinue reading “How to be Content But Not Complacent”

I Challenge You To Ask the Right Question

And someone said to him, “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” And he said to them, “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.   Luke 13:23-24 Have you ever gotten caught up in an argument about whether or not someone is going toContinue reading “I Challenge You To Ask the Right Question”

Do You Hear The Knocking???

Are you ignoring Jesus? Just asking. Jesus said he is at the door and knocking but have you noticed he never knocks the door down on you! He could, but instead he gently calls out to you to keep drawing you closer to Him. Can you hear the knocking of Jesus on the door? ThisContinue reading “Do You Hear The Knocking???”

Building Sand Castles…

  For me, it was a little bit disconcerting seeing things that I had bought, used, cleaned, taken care of and would have been unhappy if they broke, on our church rummage sale table selling for a buck or two this past week. We’ve been here in Ohio for just over three years now andContinue reading “Building Sand Castles…”

All Of It Will Go Away…Now What?

All of it will go away…now what??? What kind of people ought you to be knowing that this whole world and everything in it will one day be dissolved and remade? I believe we respond to this question usually in one of two ways. The first reaction, when we are confronted with the reality thatContinue reading “All Of It Will Go Away…Now What?”

3 Powerful Ways to Climb Down

They look like ants! I heard a little child exclaim looking down on them from high above. Living in St Louis with my family while attending the Seminary we had plenty of opportunities to travel up the St Louis Arch with family and friends visiting the city. The ride up is an experience itself whenContinue reading “3 Powerful Ways to Climb Down”