7 Reasons to Love Worshipping Together

Why do we worship together? The Lord commanded us to. Not because God needs our worship but we need to be in worship with a church family, because… -In worship is where God has promised to meet you through His Word and through His Sacraments. -you grow in your trust and knowledge of who GodContinue reading “7 Reasons to Love Worshipping Together”

House of Grace (or where you live in your faith life actually matters)

Being a landlord is an adventure I never wanted to experience but one that was thrown upon me by necessity. We bought our house in New Jersey before the financial bubble burst with every intent of staying there for a very long time but both God and life, as happens, had other plans. But thenContinue reading “House of Grace (or where you live in your faith life actually matters)”

2+2=Jesus, Meditation on Applying Jesus

Learning and doing math is not and has never been one of my strong points. All through school, reading, English, lit, history, those were always the things I enjoyed and did well at, then came Math and I didn’t care as much. What am I supposed to do with this stuff anyways?! So not onlyContinue reading “2+2=Jesus, Meditation on Applying Jesus”