Christmas vs. Easter Throwdown!

“Christmas is the most important holiday!” I don’t know how my son and I got onto this conversation. I think we were talking about our favorite seasons and I mentioned that Autumn was mine because I love Halloween. Philip said that it seems like all of the other holidays are just one big build upContinue reading “Christmas vs. Easter Throwdown!”

Killer Christmas

Did you know that during the Christmas season you are 14% more likely to die than in any other season of the year? I listened to this report on the raido that reported a portion of these deaths are weather related either in accidents or from the cold but the vast majority of this percentageContinue reading “Killer Christmas”

Wrap them up this Christmas

  It’s not quite time yet, but have you thought about how you’re going to wrap all of your Christmas presents this year? I keep thinking about a holiday party my son went to and they wrapped each other up in toilet paper from head to toe! Usually, when we think about wrapping our ChristmasContinue reading “Wrap them up this Christmas”

The Perfect Present

Time and time again, this scenario plays itself out during the holidays … Maybe it’s someone that was working a lot of hours during the year and neglected family time, or someone whose hobbies and other interests were more important than being there with the kids, or like on a hallmark tv show, maybe its aContinue reading “The Perfect Present”

Say “Merry Christmas!”

It might seem early but why not?! Merry Christmas! So…I wanted to be the first to wish you a merry Christmas as we begin our holy season of Advent, preparing our hearts and minds to meet Jesus once again as a baby in the manger. Those simple two words, Merry Christmas are ones that youContinue reading “Say “Merry Christmas!””

Don’t Ever Get This for Christmas!

What are you getting for Christmas this year? I know that question is usually the other way around, “like what do you want for Christmas?” or “what are you getting someone else for Christmas?” If you were to ask my kids that, the current answers would be: the Millennium Falcon Lego Set, Lava Lamp, aContinue reading “Don’t Ever Get This for Christmas!”

What Will You Give To Jesus?

What do you want to give to Jesus this Christmas? I know…but it’s really not that far away! This year I’ve been good and started shopping like 6 months ago for the kids and now that it’s almost December I know and have, mostly, what I’m going to give them. What do you want toContinue reading “What Will You Give To Jesus?”

Christmas Meditations to Read after Christmas Day

I’m sharing with you my meditations from Christmas Eve and Day the day after Christmas because if you’re like me you won’t remember a word the preacher said and just want a long winter nap. So, for both of us, a chance to reflect on what yesterday meant for us.  Christmas Eve Mediation- The EndContinue reading “Christmas Meditations to Read after Christmas Day”

Do You See What I See?

What did you go out to see?  When you went to the store to do some Christmas shopping did you find Christmas there amidst all of the boxes and toys and wrapping and tinsel and lights and trees? I went to Ollie’s (local overstock place) 2 Sundays ago to see what was there and someContinue reading “Do You See What I See?”