Light a Candle

Have you brought out your advent wreath yet this year? The kids in our church family this past Sunday all made these great little advent wreaths with battery operated candles inside of them. This coming Sunday our worship on Sunday will focus on the different candles in the advent wreath with special music. But ifContinue reading “Light a Candle”

5 Reasons Not To Have A DEAD Christmas Tree This Year

I finally took my wife out on a date! It has been way too long, between work and school and kids and everything else we needed a date badly. So we went to the historic square, had some coffee and played games at this great little coffee place, Cool Beans. Then we grabbed some burgersContinue reading “5 Reasons Not To Have A DEAD Christmas Tree This Year”

What Are You Celebrating December 25th?

Brawls and fatal shootings mark Black Friday across the US. Black Friday, by far is my least favorite day of the whole year. Every year, it’s become like a tradition for me, on the day after Black Friday, I’ll google what craziness happened that day. This year, my search results came up with brawls, fistContinue reading “What Are You Celebrating December 25th?”

Strange and Surprising! You are Wrapped in Christmas Lights!

  Look at that, my friend laughed! What? Over there! Looking through my windshield into the dark night a man was walking down the street completely wrapped in brightly glowing Christmas lights! He was a miasma of red, blue and green all blinking in syncopation, round and round the lights chasing each other around theContinue reading “Strange and Surprising! You are Wrapped in Christmas Lights!”

Become Human (Meditation for Christmas Eve Candlelight Service)

It is the iconic religious figure seen during Christmas time laid upon the straw watched over by Mary and Joseph. The baby in the manger. But in recent years it is also the most hotly debated and replaced image of the Christmas season. From the endless battles over whether the Nativity Scene can be shownContinue reading “Become Human (Meditation for Christmas Eve Candlelight Service)”

Hope Together (or why the nativity of soft straw and swaddling cloths is really meant for us)

Sometimes I come across a post on Facebook for all of us when we are feeling rough and down in the dumps. It says when you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope and you can’t hold on any longer, tie a knot. I like the “don’t give up” attitude of the postContinue reading “Hope Together (or why the nativity of soft straw and swaddling cloths is really meant for us)”


One thousand and ten. That is a number I’ve been looking at for a few weeks now. It’s the number that’s posted on the traffic alert sign on 76 coming and going to the office. While I’m driving this number blinks at me, one thousand and ten, men, women and children killed on Ohio roadwaysContinue reading “1,010”

Peace Together (or Zombie Christmas…)

Cincinnati Ohio was in the international headlines on BBC and CNN news. The headline says, “Zombie Nativity Scene draws ire in Ohio.” If you were to visit the front yard this display is in you would see three Zombie wise men, a Gloria Zombie Angel and Zombie Mary and Joseph looking down upon their zombieContinue reading “Peace Together (or Zombie Christmas…)”

Naughty or Nice this Christmas? (or why God already gave you your Christmas present because God knows and we know the answer to that question)

Are you naughty or nice this Christmas? The old song, “he’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, gonna find out who’s been naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town.” The whole schtick is a tool for parents to hold it over their children during the high stress/high energy time of the holidays,Continue reading “Naughty or Nice this Christmas? (or why God already gave you your Christmas present because God knows and we know the answer to that question)”

Not Alone During Christmas

Walking through the nursing home years ago, still a fresh and green pastor, on my way to visit a parishioner in rehab. I never spent a lot of time in nursing homes before this, hospitals yes, but never nursing homes. I didn’t know, I didn’t realize how many grandmas and grandpas, honored veterans and someone’sContinue reading “Not Alone During Christmas”