The Holidays are Coming!!!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!              The story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride is sketched into our historical consciousness as Americans. On the night of April 18th, 1975, a battalion of over 900 British Red Coat soldiers were marching on the little colony of Concord to apprehend our country’s forefathers,Continue reading “The Holidays are Coming!!!”

Stressed? Depressed? Me too.

How’s your stress level this week? Is it high and you feel like hitting the panic button? How about your feelings of being down? We just had a little teaser of spring and now it’s grey and cold again and people are feeling blue. Is there anything bothering you this week, any fears gnawing awayContinue reading “Stressed? Depressed? Me too.”

Lovely Dust

For faithful Christians everywhere, tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, begins the observance of the season of lent. For many, this season brings to mind, giving up chocolate for 40 days or trying to jump start an exercise program. Those can be good things for us to do, except maybe giving up the chocolate, especially on Valentine’sContinue reading “Lovely Dust”

When Coffee Doesn’t Cut It

When you’re tired and worn out where do you get your energy from? Number one answer I’ve heard so far is…coffee! As Christians in particular, a large part of our faith life is giving. Sacrificing for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in the faith, showing mercy and compassion, giving to the poor andContinue reading “When Coffee Doesn’t Cut It”

It’s Jesus in the Years

When I would drop my kids off at school there was a jeep in the parking lot that had this message on it. It’s the life in the years. It comes from the saying- “it’s not the years in a life but the life in the years.” I like the message, in part. It isContinue reading “It’s Jesus in the Years”

Killer Christmas

Did you know that during the Christmas season you are 14% more likely to die than in any other season of the year? I listened to this report on the raido that reported a portion of these deaths are weather related either in accidents or from the cold but the vast majority of this percentageContinue reading “Killer Christmas”

Wrap them up this Christmas

  It’s not quite time yet, but have you thought about how you’re going to wrap all of your Christmas presents this year? I keep thinking about a holiday party my son went to and they wrapped each other up in toilet paper from head to toe! Usually, when we think about wrapping our ChristmasContinue reading “Wrap them up this Christmas”

Plastic Elf Smiles Need Not Apply (or permission to feel sad during Christmas because Jesus came for our sadness)

(Today is a twofer with our meditations, happy reading!) What happens when you’ve got the holiday blues? What about when you’re just not feeling the holiday spirit? Thanksgiving has come and gone, we just made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. (Did I miss any?) There have been Christmas trees upContinue reading “Plastic Elf Smiles Need Not Apply (or permission to feel sad during Christmas because Jesus came for our sadness)”