Right Here and Now for Tomorrow We Die

I am thankful for the Church. I have been an under-shepherd of Jesus Christ and His Church since June 2008 and have been privileged to serve 2 church families during that time. Before then, I’ve worked within youth ministry, cross-cultural ministry, urban and inner-city ministry, rural ministry, I’ve been a part of big, big, bigContinue reading “Right Here and Now for Tomorrow We Die”

The Key

This weeks meditation is from Matthew 16:13-20. I remember my first year of marriage with Shi, that year when you begin to really realize what it’s like living with a different person. I left the toilet seat up and she put it down. I left the cap off of the tube of toothpaste, which droveContinue reading “The Key”

“Three Tempting Myths” Meditation

Whenever you start a conversation off about temptations and how Christians work through them it almost seems obligatory to tell that really worn joke about a fishing hook, a tasty worm and a fish and when the fish takes a bite out of the tasty worm it is hooked and pulled wherever the fisherman wantsContinue reading ““Three Tempting Myths” Meditation”