Where Is Your Security in 2019?

Already for many of my church families this new year has brought and will continue to bring significant changes, losses, and even a very important celebration. It’s a changing time and this year will no doubt bring many more changes to come. This Sunday is Epiphany, when we remember and celebrate the Wise Men fromContinue reading “Where Is Your Security in 2019?”

Don’t Give Up On You!

This devotion is reaching out to all of you who have had your hearts broken and told you weren’t worth anything. Someone took your dreams and broke your heart and you feel the weight of the world pulling you down. Might have been years ago or the tears are still falling. I won’t tell youContinue reading “Don’t Give Up On You!”

Why Do Good Things Happen?

Yesterday marked another anniversary of 9/11 and after that event people flooded into churches and synagogues looking for stability in a world that seemed to have gone out of control. We know life is filled with crisis, trauma and pain, on an individual scale and for a whole country. We get used to the goodContinue reading “Why Do Good Things Happen?”

You Can’t Earn This!

This past week my son asked me what Labor Day was all about. It took me a second, barbecues and picnics were the first thing to cross my mind, but then I remembered Labor Day originally started as a protest against unreasonable working hours and no time off for the workers in the factories. ThereContinue reading “You Can’t Earn This!”

Is It Worth It?

I don’t know how it happened! I really don’t! There we were, my wife and I, looking at our calendars for the Fall and the newly registered craziness that was going to be our children’s schedule. “There is an activity almost every night of the week!” “I know!” My wife said, “ugh, why didn’t weContinue reading “Is It Worth It?”

Who Would You Give Your Future To?

Have you ever read your horoscope or wondered what your sign was? Maybe you thought it wouldn’t hurt to check out some tarot cards or even see what that old Magic 8 ball was all about? All of these methods and so many more of getting some sort of answer about what we want toContinue reading “Who Would You Give Your Future To?”

Does God Have A Plan For You?

God has a plan for you. I hear this phrase often. Many times, when difficult situations arise it will be said, God has a plan for you, or for this situation, or you don’t know what God’s plan is yet. Does God really have a plan for me? Often, this phrase said with a measureContinue reading “Does God Have A Plan For You?”