Go to your safe place! Sermon for this week

It had been a rough day; nothing in particular but at the same time, everything at once. I was just running some errands at the store and I ran into a good friend. I must have had the kind of day it was written across my face, because they stopped, really looked at me andContinue reading “Go to your safe place! Sermon for this week”

How to Respond

(Sorry this is one is so late! This is the meditation from Confirmation Sunday, God bless, Josh, Adam and Grace!) Have you ever looked at the ocean and realized how small you were, standing there on the beach watching the churning surf and the blue-grey water surge upon you? With your back to the beachContinue reading “How to Respond”

Uncharted Territory

Having all of the little babies born in my church family these past few months, which has been so cool, in particular I was thinking of little Dennis who was brought to the waters of Holy Baptism by his loving Christian family, I’ve reflected a lot on my little ones who aren’t so little anyContinue reading “Uncharted Territory”

“Three Tempting Myths” Meditation

Whenever you start a conversation off about temptations and how Christians work through them it almost seems obligatory to tell that really worn joke about a fishing hook, a tasty worm and a fish and when the fish takes a bite out of the tasty worm it is hooked and pulled wherever the fisherman wantsContinue reading ““Three Tempting Myths” Meditation”