God’s Secure Promises in every Season (and a little about politics too…)

Who are you going to vote for in next year’s election? (No, don’t tell me; I really don’t need to know!) Do you remember who you voted for in the previous presidential elections? I do, but I’ve not been around very long in voting terms. The earliest I remember is Carter, but for me itContinue reading “God’s Secure Promises in every Season (and a little about politics too…)”

Everyone is Religious Meditation

It’s time to worship their god; adherents to this religion gladly come to their house of worship each and every week wearing their denominational colors. They place their tithe in the box and get their seats to watch the priests for their god perform the liturgical rites and ceremonies on the field far below them.Continue reading “Everyone is Religious Meditation”

How to Respond

(Sorry this is one is so late! This is the meditation from Confirmation Sunday, God bless, Josh, Adam and Grace!) Have you ever looked at the ocean and realized how small you were, standing there on the beach watching the churning surf and the blue-grey water surge upon you? With your back to the beachContinue reading “How to Respond”

There and back again…

On December 17th of this year a childhood dream of mine is going to be realized. I have waited years upon years for this day and its almost here. What is this important day? You don’t know? It is the day that the final installment of the Hobbit movie franchise opens in theaters! When IContinue reading “There and back again…”