Yes, you are loved.

For Robin… A friend shared with me, “it feels like, everything I do is either sinful or makes me fat!.” How often does it feel like that?! With food, not only fattening, but this food will raise your cholesterol, this food will your raise your blood pressure, this food might be good for you andContinue reading “Yes, you are loved.”

Can God Work Through Your Mistakes?

Can God work through your mistakes? Yes! God can and he does. Pastor Paul writes in Galatians 1:23-24, sharing how people reacted to the once great persecutor of Christians who was now preaching Jesus Christ his Savior. “He who used to persecute us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy.” And they glorifiedContinue reading “Can God Work Through Your Mistakes?”

You don’t have to drown… this is why.

It was probably one of the hardest youth group games that I would play with the teens. They had to make-believe they were on a life raft that was sinking and if anyone was going to survive one person had to jump off of the boat and get eaten by sharks. I saw the teensContinue reading “You don’t have to drown… this is why.”

These 2 Powerful Words Can Change Your Whole Life

These 2 Powerful Words Can Change Your Whole Life. Our Father… I get to hear my kids say those two little words almost every night before they go to bed. “Don’t forget to say your prayers,” I’ll say or “Come sit down so we can pray…” I’m their father and they are my children, butContinue reading “These 2 Powerful Words Can Change Your Whole Life”

Does Every Christian Speak in Tongues?

I want to share with you a personal experience in my life. I was in my late teens, not quite too my twenties yet but not too far away either. I was a camp counselor for some non-denominational camp for a week as a favor because they were shorthanded. During this week, I got reallyContinue reading “Does Every Christian Speak in Tongues?”

Do You Think Jesus Is An Astronaut?

When I was young I thought Jesus had become an Astronaut.   I always had this picture in my head, there was Jesus after the Resurrection and spending 40 days with the disciples teaching and preparing them for what was next. The time came for His physical presence to leave them on the Day ofContinue reading “Do You Think Jesus Is An Astronaut?”

Can We Really “Live and Let Live”?

Live and let live is that the way to live? A lot of people would agree with that in our country and in our community. You live one way and I’ll live my way and we’ll just let each other do what they want and live how they feel is right. You say tomato IContinue reading “Can We Really “Live and Let Live”?”

So What Happens After Easter?

So… what happens next for you. Either this Easter celebration that we all just went through was a one time deal, or a yearly occurrence with Christmas, a one and done kind of moment that only comes around once a year and has no impact for the rest of the year. Or Easter began toContinue reading “So What Happens After Easter?”