Lovely Dust

For faithful Christians everywhere, tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, begins the observance of the season of lent. For many, this season brings to mind, giving up chocolate for 40 days or trying to jump start an exercise program. Those can be good things for us to do, except maybe giving up the chocolate, especially on Valentine’sContinue reading “Lovely Dust”

Powerful Ways That God Kneels In The Mud For You

During this Lenten Observance season I will be spending some extra time sharing my thoughts on the sacraments in a weekly series, “God kneeling in the mud.” I know that my readers come from a variety of faith backgrounds with different understandings of the sacraments, please know, I’m not trying to convince anyone, but simplyContinue reading “Powerful Ways That God Kneels In The Mud For You”

“Eating with Jesus” Meditation

When I was a kid, I used to watch the Mystery at the Lord’s Table. It was like a great passion play that unfolded before my eyes. The pastor, who was larger than life himself, in the flowing white robes and stole of his office, intoned the words of institution in His big, bellowing voice.Continue reading ““Eating with Jesus” Meditation”