Where did “Valentine” come from?

Did you ever wonder where the name “Valentine” came from for Valentine’s Day? I have, it has always seemed like a funny name for a day of cards and flowers. That’s because the holiday didn’t actually celebrate cards and flowers but  a Christian pastor and martyr, Saint Valentine. Pastor Valentine lived in the Roman Empire duringContinue reading “Where did “Valentine” come from?”


IHEARTDOGS I saw that recently and I can relate. If you’ve known me for any amount of time you know how much I love dogs, especially rescue dogs and I will have one of my furry companions running around with me most of the time. What I’ve come to not only appreciate but really loveContinue reading “DO IHEART_____ MORE THAN JESUS?”

When You Just Need Some Love

No one likes going to the hospital. I know I don’t. No one really likes going to the hospital. You go to the hospital when you’re sick. When something is wrong with you, you go to see the doctor. When you need some surgery you go to where the surgeon is. At the hospital oneContinue reading “When You Just Need Some Love”

Yes, you are loved.

For Robin… A friend shared with me, “it feels like, everything I do is either sinful or makes me fat!.” How often does it feel like that?! With food, not only fattening, but this food will raise your cholesterol, this food will your raise your blood pressure, this food might be good for you andContinue reading “Yes, you are loved.”

Powerful Ways That God Kneels In The Mud For You

During this Lenten Observance season I will be spending some extra time sharing my thoughts on the sacraments in a weekly series, “God kneeling in the mud.” I know that my readers come from a variety of faith backgrounds with different understandings of the sacraments, please know, I’m not trying to convince anyone, but simplyContinue reading “Powerful Ways That God Kneels In The Mud For You”

Eat the Dust… meditation

The steadfast love of the Lord remains. What happens when it all falls apart around you, the structures and buildings, the foundations and the life you have built, when you lose what you wanted to be secure, what happens when it all falls apart around you? What happens when you get what you want andContinue reading “Eat the Dust… meditation”

Is Holy Baptism Scandalous?

There is something scandalous about baptism. When parents come to have their children baptized, when I came to the waters of Holy Baptism to pour the baptismal water on my children’s little foreheads, there is something scandalous that happens there. Parents are bringing these children to the water and saying that their children have aContinue reading “Is Holy Baptism Scandalous?”