What is your wealth?

I remember not long before I started my classes at the Seminary and went into this career, before Shi and I had our little munchkins, asking myself a very honest question. “Was this really what I wanted to do?” At the time I was concerned about the finances, we were broke college students looking aheadContinue reading “What is your wealth?”

There and back again…

On December 17th of this year a childhood dream of mine is going to be realized. I have waited years upon years for this day and its almost here. What is this important day? You don’t know? It is the day that the final installment of the Hobbit movie franchise opens in theaters! When IContinue reading “There and back again…”

Headlights- Something to be thankful for meditation

I remember when I was first learning how to drive, how often I would make that really common mistake that has caused countless accidents by new drivers. You see something on the side of the road, maybe an accident even, and it catches your attention, so you turn your head to see what’s going on.Continue reading “Headlights- Something to be thankful for meditation”