Maybe We Shouldn’t Change

Happy and Blessed New Year! This is the time when we talk about and think about our new year’s resolutions and about all of the  things that we would like to change about ourselves in the new year. Many new year’s resolutions are typical, some are just plain silly and a lot are really good,Continue reading “Maybe We Shouldn’t Change”

Livin’ on a Prayer (Meditation for 2016)

It was 1986; the era of big hair bands and Bon Jovi just released what would become their most enduring signature song and first No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, Livin’ on a Prayer has been played for nearly three decades now to countless audiences, as a tribute in The Concert for NewContinue reading “Livin’ on a Prayer (Meditation for 2016)”

A New Year… A New Song

So this is Christmas, And what have you done. Another year over, And a new one just begun. A very merry Christmas, And a happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Without any fear. John Lennon, “so this is Christmas.” No offense to Lennon fans, but this is really not one of my favorite songs, not least because weContinue reading “A New Year… A New Song”

Sabbath Habit- New Year’s Meditation

I’ve already messed up my New Year’s resolution. I had a goal last year (and this upcoming one) to work through my reading pile. For you guys that know me, I’m a reader, always have been. I’ve got this stack of books and articles I’ve been meaning to read through sitting on my shelf sinceContinue reading “Sabbath Habit- New Year’s Meditation”


Christmas is finally over and you can tell, I’ve been with the kids battling (reluctantly) some of the after Christmas craziness trying to spend a few gift cards that were burning a hole in the kid’s pockets. But now we are coming up on one more holiday after Christmas, New Years. This holiday is aContinue reading “Nothing…”